Founder & Retreat Host

I'm Kait, a believer of intentional living, spending time in nature, and being active! There is nothing that gives me more energy than being amongst nature and feeling playful, raw, and unapologetically me. It all started when I decided to quit my day job. I wanted to share my love for wellness, travel, and adventure. I am so passionate about it that I just didn't see myself living another life. I had a message that I wanted to share with the world.  I'm all about leaning into growth, of pushing my limits, and seeing what I'm capable of. Of getting out of my comfort zone and hoping to inspire others to do the same by putting intention and energy on experiences rather than materialistic things. 

Stemming from self-love and mindfulness my purpose became clear and Revitalize Retreat was born. I combined my love of all of the above and created a destination wellness + yoga retreat company, Revitalize Retreat. Giving people the space to show up as they are, to learn and grow, to experience new places in the world by traveling and meeting new people. A space to disconnect to connect and step into a more authentic you. 

So whether I'm leading a retreat, biking, snowboarding, creating, traveling, whatever it may be....I try to embody living with intention and respect, caring for nature, and connecting with oneself, others, and the earth. 

Thank you for being here!