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Embark on a transformative journey in just 30 minutes: energize your body, nourish your mind, and embrace a healthy, revitalized lifestyle filled with adventure.

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Many of us struggle to break free from the monotonous routines that leave us feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from our bodies. Traditional strength training alone often falls short in addressing the holistic needs of individuals seeking a vibrant and revitalized life. Limited time, lack of variety, and the absence of a supportive community can hinder our progress and prevent us from achieving the active, healthy lifestyle we desire.

That's where we come in. Welcome to Revitalize Studio, your online virtual fitness studio designed with YOU in mind. We believe that true transformation goes beyond strength training. We have carefully crafted a comprehensive approach that will ignite your passion for fitness, invigorate your yoga practice, and build the foundational strength necessary for unforgettable outdoor adventures. We are dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential in just 30 minutes per session.

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Meet your instructor Kait

Kait has built a life that not only fuels her travels around the world but every moment spent on her mountain bike and skis. Her dedication to daily connection with her body leaves her renewed to live more fully. It’s with this ethos that she started Revitalize Studio to bring women the same foundational wellness that helps her live with more vitality every day.

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Sayulita, Mexico Retreat

May 10-14, 2024

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Live with intention.

Whether it’s spending time riding single track on your mountain bike or traveling to a new destination, a vibrant life begins with a strong foundation. Our fitness, yoga and meditation classes build a daily structure to fuel your adventurous life.

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Fit for adventure

Fuel your adventurous life with 3 fitness class styles: Strength and Sculpt, Tone and Lengthen, Sweat and Glow.

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Nourish mindfulness.

Breathe vitality into your daily life with powerful vinyasa or restorative flows. Show up as you are — we’ll send you off more grounded.

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Global wellness & adventure retreats.

An immersive experience that combines outdoor adventure — think surfing, hiking, camel rides and more — wellness through food, daily yoga and meditation, and deep connection to the place we’re visiting.

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